Sometimes it seems to me, that somebody is misunderstood me. Complete failure and misunderstanding…

My name is Lucky…The girl from Rēzekne – town with many dogs like me. Lucky dogs and dogs who have lost their hope. Here I am for a long time. Mostly half of visitors, who’s coming to meet us, choosing another dogs for a walk, for a talk, for friendship. I have no any idea why?Maybe my friend next door has longer legs or shiny coat? Maybe she is very special? Who knows…

Ok, I’m an ordinary girl from countryside, maybe with too clear coat, that nobody can see me?

But no – my coat is black, shiny and I’m wearing beautiful white pearl tied to the chest…I’m a little bit hipster. Look – my paws are in cappuccino…and hipsters love cappuccino…

Sometimes my paws are dancing independently, I can only follow them. My eyes are happy, when I can steel some scarf and hide it in my shack. I like to decorate my shack, that keeps my sadness away from me. And if nobody brings me presents, I do it by myself. I would like to send postcards for myself, too…From Rome, Paris, Amsterdam and even from Chicago…I would like to travel a lot…with my new family…I would like to have some cup of cappuccino at the evening while we all are listening some jazz music…I think – I love jazz very much…

I’m a family dog, so gentle and feminine. I love kisses, I love games…I can die thinking of that…That’s what I miss most of all and what makes me a little bit sad…I will not say – very sad, because I affraid to say that…You know, what helps me to withstand? My name – Lucky.

But come…please come as soon as possible…we can share our dreams together…I will be your cappuccino girl, you will be my joy, my lucky star…

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